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Cremation for lizards
About Crémation Veuliah


For more than 13 years, we have been there, faithful to the post, and every day that passes encourages us to continue our mission. Yes, more than a profession, it is indeed a mission, a vocation, almost a priesthood.

We are involved and we share your pain, your anxiety and we are here for you and with you. We support you in this ordeal. How many people do not know how precious an animal is, how much it is a part of our life and our family! We understood it a long time ago.

Customer testimonials

Life teaches us a lot, but it never prepares us for these hard moments! Our hearts are full of pain and sorrow. Mr Gallo, learn that you knew how to share sweetness as soon as we arrived on Friday 2018/01/05 . Your very respectful welcome to us was more than appreciated. Our grief is immense and you have offered us comfort by explaining to us all the procedures without hurry and it has been a real gift! Do not hesitate to choose Veuliah, their services is worth much more than a 5 stars. Thank you, Mr Gallo, for respecting the passage of our Guedou as he deserved, it touched me so deeply.

Julie Nadon

My dog gave his last breath to the house. I was looking for a place to honour him and keep his ashes in a urn. I could not have fallen better. We had an appointment with the family and my children. Welcomed us with a lot of heart, compassion and humanity. For us it was like a small private ceremonial ritual that has soothed our hearts ( du baume en français)helping us in the grieving process. We felt lighter. we left the same day with the ashes of our old friend, an imprint of his paw and the hair of his dick, we had so often caressed. Thank you, Francois for your listening, support ( soutien sans t en français) and honesty. Gratitudes,

Bonnie Deveth

Excellent service! Great service! Francois through its professionalism and kindness has made this tearing period more sustainable. Thank you again for making such a difference and above all give the greatest respect to our Naxos, we loved so much.

Virginie Cousineau